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Mediation Style Conferences (MSC)

A Mediation Style Conference is a form of mediation and can constitute Family Dispute Resolution. The Mediation Style Conference process provides an opportunity for the participants to reach an agreement on various issues including children and financial matters.

In a Mediation Style Conference the mediator attempts to improve the method and quality of decision making between the people so they can reach an agreement that is satisfactory to them both. Rather than imposing a solution, the mediator helps the participants to generate their own solutions.

A Mediation Style Conference is typically scheduled as a full day or half day meeting and each participant attends with their lawyer. All participants agree upfront that they are willing to mediate and that each of their lawyers will attend the mediation process with them. All correspondence regarding appointment times, payment and documentation occurs directly with each participant’s lawyer.

Why attend a Mediation Style Conference?

Mediation Style Conferences offer participants the opportunity to work through their dispute in a private and informal setting, with their lawyer present. A Mediation Style Conference provides an opportunity for participants to tailor their own solutions and reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

The alternative to mediation can often be initiating court proceedings at a high cost financially, emotionally and time-wise. Unlike the court process, Mediation Style Conferences allow the participants to remain in control of the content of the discussion and any agreement reached.

The Mediation Style Conference process can be handled urgently subject to the availability of the participants and their lawyers.

Booking a Mediation Style Conference

Lawyers, if your client wishes to partake in a Mediation Style Conference process and the other participant’s lawyer is agreeable, please contact us to make the necessary arrangements. We can coordinate the process for you, including arranging suitable appointments.

More information

For more information regarding Mediation Style Conference’s please call 0401 920 841 or contact us to request an information pack.

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